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Calligraphy Compositions

Mehr Type offers a free calligraphic composition service that provides designers with a range of pre-designed, high-quality compositions that can be used for various projects, including branding, book covers, posters, and more. These compositions are created by expert calligraphers and are available in various calligraphic styles, including Nastaliq, Thuluth, Kufic, and Dewani, among others.

Mehr Type’s free calligraphic compositions come with a license that allows designers to use them for both personal and commercial projects without any attribution required. The compositions are available for download in vector format, making them easy to edit and customize to fit the specific needs of each project.

In addition to the free calligraphic compositions, Mehr Type also offers a library of free calligraphy books, which can be downloaded and used for reference and inspiration. These resources help designers improve their calligraphic skills and expand their knowledge of different calligraphic styles.