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Customized Quranic Fonts Development

We are specialized in the development of customized Quranic fonts that can be seamlessly embedded in websites, mobile applications, and be used in desktop publishing. With our extensive experience in creating Quranic fonts for various organizations, we offer a diverse range of options to suit different calligraphic styles and regional preferences. Our fonts adhere to the highest standards, incorporating Tajweed rules, complete Ramooz Auqaaf, proper diacritics, and verse numbers in accordance with the latest Unicode standards. Rest assured, our fonts are fully compatible with all Unicode-supported software on any platform. Mehr Type aims to preserve the artistic heritage of Quranic calligraphy while offering innovative and visually appealing typographic solutions for the modern era.

Key Features:

  • Development of customized Quranic fonts for websites, mobile applications, desktop publishing, and modern digital publishing following Rasm e Uthmani.
  • We offer a comprehensive Quranic text that includes complete Ramooz Auqaaf, pause marks, and verse numbers. This ensures an accurate and authentic representation of the Quran, aiding in proper recitation and understanding.
  • Expertise in various calligraphic styles, including Classical Naskh and Indo Pak Naskh (Naskh Hindi) Bangla and others.
  • We offer exclusive copyrights for both the font and calligraphy used in their creations.
  • We are specializes in the development of color fonts that incorporate Tajweed rules
  • Incorporation of advanced OpenType features such as Kasheeda, Justification Alternatives, stylistic sets, and multiple variations for each Quranic word.
  • Fonts designed with complete Ramooz Auqaaf, proper diacritics, and verse numbers according to the latest Unicode Standards.
  • Compatibility with any software that supports Unicode, ensuring usability across different platforms.
  • Customization options for personalized typography and visual representation.
  • Expertise in font development for other scripts and calligraphic styles upon request.
  • Reliable and professional service from the experienced team at Mehr Type.

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