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Terms of Use

Greetings and thank you for considering Mehr fonts for your design needs. Before making a purchase, please carefully review and agree to our terms of use and end user license agreement (EULA) policy. These guidelines are designed to ensure a fair and appropriate use of our fonts.


  • Our fonts are compatible with Windows operating system and can only be utilized on 64-bit systems, specifically on Windows 10 and newer versions.

Activation and Usage:

  • The fonts will be provided in a protected form and can only be activated through Mehr Typesetting Tool.
  • Once activated, the fonts can be used in any software that supports Unicode characters.


  • There are two types of licenses available: Lifetime Subscription and Annual Subscription.
  • Users with Annual Subscription license need to renew the license every year.
  • Illegal use of fonts (not according to the fair usage policy) will result in immediate cancellation of the license without any prior notice, and legal action will be taken against the user.
  • The fonts are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Single User License (SUL) allows the font to be used on only one computer at a time.
  • Users can purchase multiple licenses according to their needs.


  • Under this license, mobile app embedding or web embedding of the fonts is not allowed.


  • All minor updates of the Mehr Typesetting Tool and fonts will be provided for free.
  • Major updates will be charged a minor fee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change according to the requirements, and users are advised to visit the terms and conditions page regularly.

Internet Connection:

  • Users with Annual Subscription license must have an active internet connection to run the fonts.
  • Lifetime Subscription does not require a regular internet connection, except during the time of activation.


  • The price of the fonts may fluctuate according to inflation (economic conditions).


  • Lifetime Subscription license is valid for a maximum of 10 years.