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Frequently Asked Questions

Mehr Type is a digital type foundry that creates high-quality Arabic and Persian typefaces for use in print and digital media.

Mehr Type fonts are protected by copyright law, which means that they can only be used under certain conditions. The license terms for each font determine how it can be used and distributed. If someone wants to use a Mehr Type font, they must first obtain a license from Mehr Type. Any unauthorized use or distribution of Mehr Type fonts is illegal and can result in legal action.

Absolutely! Our fonts are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of professional graphic design. They are ideal for various projects such as branding, advertising, publications, and more.

Mehr Type fonts can be used by anyone who needs Arabic or Persian typography for their design or branding projects, such as graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers, and web developers.

Mehr Type fonts can be purchased directly from its website using a secure payment gateway. The fonts are available for both personal and commercial use.
Mehr Fonts are provided in protected form and can be activated through Mehr Typesetting Tool.

Yes, our fonts are compatible with a wide range of software applications, including popular ones like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Microsoft Office, CorelDRAW, and more.

What We Offer

Beautiful Urdu Nastaliq Font

Mehr Nastaliq Jali is an advanced Open Type font developed by the renowned typographer and font developer Muhammad Zeeshan Nasar, the founder of Mehr Type foundry. It is based on the traditional Nastaliq script, a calligraphic style of the Persian and Urdu languages, and is designed for modern digital typography.

Classical Nastaliq Font with modern touch

This font offers dozens of calligraphic and modern alternative shapes for each letter, allowing users to type hundreds of possible combinations and experience the true beauty of calligraphy. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for headlines, titles, and other display purposes.