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Enhancing Your Typography Experience

Mehr Typesetting Tool

Experience a new level of excellence in Urdu/Arabic typography with the Mehr Typesetting Tool. This free and advanced software revolutionizes your font usage and typesetting abilities, offering a multitude of features to enhance your designs. From efficient font license management to a comprehensive typography panel complete with Kasheeda variation and calligraphic alternatives, as well as an undo function for typography, seamless integration with Windows software, and effortless insertion of Islamic symbols, the Mehr Typesetting Tool empowers you to elevate your typography experience and unlock endless possibilities. Discover a world of enhanced creativity and precision in your designs with this indispensable tool.

Empowering Your Urdu/Arabic Typography

Key Features

Mehr Typesetting Tool is a powerful typography and typesetting tool that offers a range of advanced features to manage and customize fonts.

Detailed Features of the Mehr Typesetting Tool

Typography Panel
  • Kasheeda Variation: Users can choose from a range of Kasheeda variations to add more style to their text.
  • Calligraphic Alternatives: The tool offers a wide range of calligraphic alternatives for each letter. Users can choose the most appropriate alternative for their text.
  • Stylistic Alternatives: Users can choose from a range of stylistic alternatives to enhance the visual appeal of their text.
  • Advanced OpenType Features: The tool provides a range of advanced OpenType features such as ligatures, contextual alternates, swashes, and more.
  • Position Adjuster: Users can adjust the spacing and positioning (up, down, right, left) of selected letters/words and marks/dots. This feature helps in positioning and kerning the text.
  • Undo Typography Option: The tool offers the undo typography option, which allows users to undo their typography changes.

Symbols Insertion:

The Mehr Typesetting Tool allows users to insert Islamic symbols in any text box with just a single click.


The tool works as a plugin for all Windows software, including Notepad, MS Word, InPage, Corel Draw, InDesign, and Photoshop. It can interact with any Unicode-supported typing field (text box), and users can get all typography features there.

Font Licensing:

Mehr Typesetting Tool comes with a secure font license management system that allows buyers and sellers to manage their licenses easily. The tool offers two types of licenses – Annual Subscription and Lifetime License – which are further divided into three categories:

  1. Single User License b. Up to 5 Users License c. Up to 10 Users License