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Meet our Team

Ijaz Ullah Khan

Ijaz is a talented Typographer and Design Expert at Mehr Type, renowned for his expertise in creating visually captivating and impactful designs. With a keen eye for typography and a passion for innovation, Ijaz brings a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to his work. His meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence make him a valuable asset in shaping the aesthetic and functional aspects of Mehr Type’s design projects.

Tanvir Qureshi

Tanvir is a Font Designer and Font Expert at Mehr Type, renowned for his exceptional design skills and expertise in typography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting visually striking fonts, Tanvir creates unique and impactful typefaces. His contributions to Mehr Type’s font collection reflect his commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions for a wide range of creative projects.


Ishtiaq Ali

Ishtiaq Ali is a talented Font Designer and Developer at Mehr Type, specializing in creating visually stunning and functional typefaces. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for typography, Ishtiaq’s expertise contributes to the growing success of Mehr Type’s font collection. Discover Ishtiaq’s dedication to excellence and innovative approach to font design.

Abdul Majeed

Abdul Majeed is a talented Font Designer, Typographer, and Designer at Mehr Type. With a passion for visually captivating and functional fonts, he brings artistic flair to his designs. Drawing inspiration from calligraphic traditions, he specializes in crafting versatile typefaces. Abdul plays a pivotal role in expanding Mehr Type’s diverse collection, ensuring excellence in form and function.

Zeeshan Nasar

Muhammad Zeeshan Nasar is a renowned Typographer and Font Developer, and the founder of Mehr Type. With a rich legacy in calligraphy, Muhammad combines his expertise in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu scripts to create custom multilingual type designs. His fonts, known for their seamless blend of tradition and modern aesthetics, are highly sought after worldwide.

Nasrullah Mehr

Nasrullah Mehr

Nasrullah Mehr is an internationally acclaimed calligrapher and typographer from Pakistan, with a distinguished reputation in the art world. His mastery of various calligraphic styles and ability to incorporate them into modern designs have earned him numerous awards and recognition, as well as commissions from clients around the world.